What You'll Learn

  • The concept of God by the spirituallity, quantum physics and how to work with this energy. The 7 laws of magic, based off Hermes Trismegisto.
  • You will learn how to invoke and Deal with the Angels and Archangel energies, and finish with a, invocation Pact with your Guardian Angel as a Iniciatted in our
  • The 72 Names of God, the Angels and Archangels, what they do, how to invoke them and how to effectively ask what you want to them.
  • Over than 100 Secret symbols from the ancient Orders of magic. How to build your temple for invocations. How the pronounce the ancient Magic words in invocation
  • It’s time to get Initiated in the Secret Art of the Invocations from the most powerful Spirits you can work and invoke to work with you on this Planet.


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