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Her exceptional contributions have been acknowledged through various prestigious awards. In 2021, she was honored with the Global Excellence Award in Astrology & Occult Science. The following year, she was awarded an honorary Ph.D. degree, recognizing her outstanding achievements

  •  Dr. Shilpa Bagrecha’s talent and expertise have also been recognized beyond astrology and occult science.
  • She was presented with a gold certificate from the Art of Living Foundation in 2009. Her remarkable achievements led to her being named an iconic personality at the Female Achievement Awards in 2019.
  •  She proudly serves as the brand ambassador of the SP I Social Club and was honoured with the Madhya Pradesh Ratna Award in 2019. Previously, she held the esteemed position of State President of the Human Rights and Social Justice Committee of India.
  • Dr. Shilpa Bagrecha’s influence extends beyond her professional accolades. She has hosted the show “Bhagya & Bhavishya” on the India Beat News Channel, captivating audiences with her insights and wisdom. Moreover, she organized the national youth empowerment event “MSFF 2019 Fashion Show” in June 2019, promoting the growth and potential of young individuals.
  •  Through her extensive knowledge and holistic approach, Dr. Shilpa Bagrecha continues to inspire and empower individuals worldwide.
  • Her dedication to astrology, psychic coaching, and energy therapy has made her a trusted figure in the field, earning her global acclaim and admiration.

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Aditya Prataap

I highly recommend Dr. Shilpa Bagrecha's services. Her accurate tarot readings and personalized consultations have provided me with deep insights and guidance for my personal and professional life.``

Mr. Vishal Bhandari

`Dr. Shilpa Bagrecha's guidance and insights have transformed my life. Her accurate predictions and effective energy therapies have helped me overcome obstacles and find true happiness.``

Shushma Deshmukh

I am grateful to have found Dr. Shilpa Bagrecha. Her profound knowledge of astrology and psychic coaching has provided me with valuable guidance and clarity in making important life decisions.``

Sneha Mishra

Dr. Shilpa Bagrecha's healing sessions have been truly transformative for me. Her expertise in crystal healing and energy therapy has helped me restore balance and find inner peace.``

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