What You'll Learn

  • You will learn to give an Angel Therapy Healing Session.
  • Angel/Oracle Card Readings. Automatic Writing.
  • Connecting With Departed Loved Ones/Departed Animals and Mediumship.
  • Angel Related Crystals
  • We will show you how you can create your own Angel Healing Therapy business, explaining good practices for marketing and advertising, along with the ethics , as well as how you should present yourself in your practice.
  • The ways in which Angel Healing Therapy works
  • Know how to Quiet the Mind to Listen for Angels Messages
  • You will know how to recognize signs from your guardian angels.
  • You will learn how different energies affect your daily life.
  • You will discover how angels can bring inspiration, new ideas & creativity into your life
  • You will learn all about Archangels.
  • You will be able to offer an Advanced Level Angelic Healing with
  • Advanced Level practises
  • Connect With Angels
  • You will learn why the Angelic Realms want to connect with us at this time
  • Guided Meditations.


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