What You'll Learn

  • Learn about the history of colour therapy
  • Find out about – What is Colour and the Light Spectrum
  • Learn about The Psychology of Colour
  • Find out about – How Colour is Used by Professional Therapists
  • How can we use colour in our everyday lives for health and well-being at home?
  • Learn about colours in your home and how they can create an emotional response in you.
  • Find out about fragrance, essential oils, flowers and colour.
  • Learn about colour and sound for healing.
  • Find out about – Ayurvedic Medicine, Colour and the Vata Dosha
  • Learn about Pitta Dosha
  • Find out about – Kapha Dosha
  • Colour guide: What the colour of your clothes says about you.
  • Learn about colour and diet.
  • The relevance of colour energy on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of healing.
  • Learn about modern light therapy treatments.
  • Find out about – Laser Light and Red-Light Therapy
  • Learn about Green, Yellow and Blue Light Therapy
  • Find out about – Colour therapy with numberology & astrology


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